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API's highly trained team of field sales representatives, technical service personnel and production engineers provide you the guidance and support to resolve your technical and safety issues.

API's commitment to satisfy in customer service is evident in our unique and innovative solutions. Selected services can be customized and integrated into comprehensive supply program to meet your specific requirements.

  • Technical support to process optimization, chemical processing, analytical measurement and purification.
  • Quality assurance, round robin and cross reference services which provide a method for inter-and intra-company quality assurance. These programs become part of your ISO activities to help you evaluate the total system operation and performance. They can provide an independent way to evaluate the performance of your suppliers and your internal quality processes. API can set up a program that improves and demonstrates the efficacy of your analytical results.
  • Safety and application training on gas characteristics and hazards, safe handling and storage, personnel protective equipment and the correct use of the right gas for each specific application.
  • A Certification of Analysis / Certificate of Conformance confirms that your selected solutions are exactly what were specified.

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