API supplies gases, specialty gases, mixed gases to customers by cylinders under pressure, which follow the standard of Compressed Gas Association (CGA). The amount of cylinders will depend on the volume of gas consumption of the customer.



For customers with high gas consumption, API will install liquid tank at customer's site for the storage of liquefied gas, which is delivered to the customer by our road tankers. The location for liquid tank installation is properly selected by API with the strict consideration of safety standard.


API also supplies gaseous oxygen and nitrogen from our Air Separation Plants to customers directly through pipeline. This provides stable gas supply to the customers with reliability, flexibility, and economy, where the cost of gas transportation can be reduced.

API provides a complete range of gas supply by Onsite Plant, which is best for serving the customer with very high gas consumption. Our onsite generators currently supplies oxygen and nitrogen to the customers. This mode of supply comes with a liquid back-up system for providing the customer a stable, reliable, and cost effective solution.

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